В Херсоні парк Таврійський знаходиться у жахливому стані ( фотофакт )

На адресу редакції обурені мешканці Таврійського мікрорайону надіслали фото з місцевого парку – бруд, сміття, бродячі тварини… 

Date posted: 2018-02-02

Land Market: A Step Forward

Zemlerobstvo_KolodnoPossible cancellation of the Moratorium on sale of agricultural land has been a hot topic recently. This articles describes inefficiencies of the current situation and prompts three versions on how it can develop, analysing pros and cons of each approach.

When the first post on the Land market was published by VoxUkraine, this topic was generally considered as of low priority. The new Presidential administration and the Government were too busy at that point with setting up the reforms implementation and land was not on top of their agenda.

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Date posted: 2015-05-28

John Herbst: Frankly, the Very Top of Your Elites Are Corrupt

JohnAt the “Anti-corruption” panel of Symposium “Ukraine: Escape from Post-Soviet Legacy” held on April 24-26th, John Herbst, a former US ambassador to Ukraine, and now a head of the Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council, an influential think tank, talked about corruption in Ukraine. In his view, corruption persists at the very top level of Ukrainian elites, who are used to the old ways of “doing business”. However, Ukrainian society, young reformers currently present in the Ukrainian government, and the Western “well-wishers” of Ukraine can form a powerful alliance able to defeat corruption in the country. You can view this speech here.

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Date posted: 2015-05-19

IV International Tourism Forum Will Be Held in Hola Prystan

"The current IV International Tourism Forum "Touristic Kherson region: innovation and cooperation in the field of rehabilitation, treatment, rural tourism in environmental conditions" will be held from 22 to 24 May in the resort town Hola Prystan" – said Deputy Chairman of Regional State Administration Hanna Ponomarenko on extended meeting fro preparation for the Forum, taking place on the initiative of the Head of the RSA Mykola Kostyak.
The purpose of this Forum is to create conditions for the effective implementation of international and regional policy in the sphere of rehabilitation and treatment. The attention is focused on attracting investment in the development of tourism and resorts, presentation of rural green tourism. Continue reading

Date posted: 2014-01-15

Solar Panels Are Being Installed in Novotroitsk District

The implementation of the projects involving innovative technologies is started in Novotroitsk district: the installation of solar panels, construction of wind farms. Two NGOs of the district (Novomykhaylivka and Novomykolaivka) expressed a desire to implement the projects "Innovative energy-efficient activities on street lighting. Remodeling using renewable energy sources (solar)" with total cost 476.0 million UAH, of which: the amount of international technical assistance will amount to 320,0 UAH. Micro-project proposals are currently approved project documentation – made, which is being examinated.
To participate in I and II phases of the EU/UNDP project "Local development oriented on community," joined 11 social organizations of the district. Thanks to the participation of the Syvash village, Volodymyrj-Ilyinsk, Novopokrovka, Oleksandrivka, Chkalovo, Dyvne, Hromivka 10 micro-projects were implemented worth 1,434.7 million UAH (of which the means of international technical assistance are 691.4 thousand UAH). Through community initiatives in four villages was restored water supply system, in three – redecorated feldsher-midwife stations and clinics, in three settlements works on energy conservation in nurseries were carried out. Continue reading

Date posted: 2013-07-25

The Average Monthly Salary of Full-Time Employees Increased by 10%

The average monthly nominal wage of staff member of enterprises, institutions and organizations increased in January-May 2013 by 10% compared to the same period last year, it is 2,352 UAH. It is reported by the Department of Statistics in Kherson region.
Average nominal wage of employee of an enterprise in May of this year amounted to 2,473 UAH, which is 2.2 times higher than the minimum wage and living wage per working-age person (1147 UAH). Compared to April of this year, wages increased in average by 2%. Charge for one hour paid in May 2013 compared to April increased by 16.8% and amounts 17.78 UAH.
Over the last 12 months (compared with May of 2012) wages increased by 8.3%.
The increase in wages in May of this year compared with April is observed in most economic activities. The growth rate of this index ranged from 0.5% in transportation, warehousing and 15% – in real estate transactions. Also the decrease of this indicator occurred in the construction industry, as well as in professional, scientific and technical activities 0,7-10,1%.
There is still a high level of differentiation of wages by economic activities. Thus, the most paid workers in the economy were financial and insurance institutions, transportation, warehousing, public administration and defense, compulsory social security, and among the industrial activities – in enterprises for delivery of electricity, gas and conditioned air, where wages are higher than average index in the economy 1.2-1.5 times.

Date posted: 2013-07-25